Shelley Widhalm interviews sources at a toy show in 2013.

Shell’s Ink Services is “spot on” when it comes to targeted messaging and clean, crisp content. The writing and editing service works with businesses, nonprofits and individuals to write and edit their content and promote what they do.

Shelley Widhalm, principal and founder of Shell’s Ink Services in Northern Colorado, has more than 15 years of experience in the media industry and a masters of arts in English from Colorado State University. She applies her knowledge of written, oral and visual communication techniques in diverse and creative ways.

This versatile and talented writer has experience reporting, interviewing, building relationships with sources, conducting research and editing and proofreading text. She knows the questions to ask to get to the key message. Her storytelling techniques draw in and retain audiences. She’ll edit copy from the line to the content level. And she’ll deliver a product with crisp, clear and concise in mind!