Writing Services

We conduct interviews and research to develop your material, working with you each step of the way. We help you obtain a targeted message with the most streamlined content. And we retain your voice and the voice of your business, nonprofit or special event. Specifically, we:

  • Write press kits and press releases.
  • Write newsletters, brochures, web pages and articles.
  • Write blog posts and conduct social media.
  • Write grant applications.
  • Provide ghostwriting services for articles, blogs and other written materials.
  • Offer one-on-one consulting sessions and workshops on writing.

Editing Services

We edit your copy to improve readability and consistency. We help get rid of errors and streamline grammar, punctuation and mechanics. We edit for house style and according to preferred style manuals, such as the Associated Press. Specifically, we provide:

  • Book editing, including line and content editing and manuscript evaluation with critique.
  • Structural editing to improve the content, organization and structure.
  • Stylistic editing to clarify meaning, eliminate jargon and improve the use of language.
  • Copy editing for fact checking, grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax and other mechanics of style.

Public Relations

We help you enhance your image and promote you to the media and the public. We get your business, nonprofit, product and special event the attention it needs. We secure spots in print, radio, social media and other platforms. Specifically, we write and edit:

  • Press releases that appeal to the media and follow industry guidelines.
  • Brochures that tell your story and provide up-to-date information about your product, service or event.
  • Newsletters with relevant information, individual profiles and articles.
  • Websites that draw in customers, clients and readers.
  • Other media materials.

About Our Services

Shell’s Ink Services writes original content in your voice. We streamline your newsletters, brochures, website content and grant applications to make the writing fresh and appealing. We edit to keep the content concise and free of error.

More About Our Services

We write blog posts to keep you connected with your readers and give updates on your business or industry.

We develop press releases and other media materials to get your voice in print, on the radio and in social media.

And we work with self-published and traditionally published authors to line and content edit your manuscripts.


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